Over the years, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving our customers with the very best in outdoor furniture cushions and patio umbrellas that we’ve had to offer. During those years we’ve learned so much that we owe you, our customers, a debt of thanks for teaching us how to serve you.

The biggest lesson we ever learned was to listen.  We listened to what our customers wanted, and how they wanted us to improve.  We listened to what you thought we did right, and we listened when you told us what we were doing painfully wrong.  The lesson we learned the most from listening to our customers was to focus on what we do best.

Focusing on what we do best is what we are doing right now, and what we do best is offering you a beautiful line of patio umbrellas with a range of choices not seen anywhere else online.

Will we sell cushions again?  Of course we will.  But only when our patterns and service add up to a great buying experience for our customers.   In the end, that’s what we’ve always wanted, to give our customers great products at good prices, and have them enjoy doing business with us.

So we’ve created iPatioUmbrella.com, an updated and enhanced buying experience that we’ve built from the ground up with only one thing in mind, our customers’ satisfaction.

Thank you for your years of patronage, and join us in at our new and exciting umbrella buying experience.

Robert and Kathie Garcia
The houseaesthetic family of stores.

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